5 Weird Things Covered by Home Insurance 

When you purchase homeowners insurance, you may not realize all the things it covers. In fact, you may believe that the list of five below isn’t covered—but it is. What strange things are covered by your home insurance? How do these coverages protect you and your family? 

1. Open Perils 

Open perils are those—things—that are simply too far afield to plan for. For the most part, open perils include items that fall from the sky. This may sound strange, but items can fall from the sky and damage your home, injure you, or even kill someone on the property. 

Take the Lockerbie bombing in Scotland—a terrible tragedy—one which began with pieces of the aircraft crashing into the village of Lockerbie, killing villagers and burning buildings. A commercial aircraft crashed in Buffalo, New York, completely destroying a single home, and so on. 

Other items covered by open perils include: 

  • Meteors 
  • Other falling objects 
  • Satellite debris 
  • Falling objects from higher elevations 

2. Volcanic Eruptions 

Volcanic eruptions are generally covered under open perils just like falling objects. This can be especially prescient when your home is close to a volcano. No, you may not live in the foothills of Mount Saint Helens, but the pyroclastic flow of the 1980 eruption traveled 23 miles from the cone of the volcano, destroying homes and properties that most would assume would be unaffected. 

3. Robbery/Burglary 

Robbery and burglary is covered by your home insurance for one simple fact—it happens. When you own a home, you often get a discount on your home insurance for maintaining a security system—this reduces the risk of robbery or burglary. 

Even so, all the items in your home are covered against theft. Yes, you want the police to catch the thief, but you also must file an insurance claim after a break-in. 

4. Spoiled Food Items 

A major storm comes through and you lose power. You must evacuate and leave your fridge as it is. All those spoiled food items could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on how much food storage you have. 

As a result, you should file a claim against your homeowners policy. Don’t pay for these items out of pocket when it is clear your food was spoiled due to another covered loss. 

5. Tombstones 

You may not realize that tombstones are covered by your home insurance, but they are. Vandalism and natural disasters happen, and you can use your homeowners policy to protect the memorials you’ve erected to honor your loved ones.  

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