The unexpected DOES happen.  No one plans to have an illness or accident.  Going without health insurance for even a short time will put you and your family at serious personal and financial risk.  Don’t take that chance!  Contact us today to protect you from that risk. We offer a wide variety of affordable customized options for your individual and family health insurance coverage. Offering different companies including Medical Mutual of Ohio’s individual plans called SuperMed One.

Types of Plans

Standard Plans: Options for Office Visit Co-Pay and Drug Card Co-Pay Ex.  SuperMed One Standard Plan Options

Health Savings Account (HSA): Health Insurance combined with Tax-Benefits and Investment Opportunities.  Save Premium, Reduce Taxes & Build Tax-Favored Savings Ex.  SuperMed One HSA Plan Options & Wellness HSA Options HSA Center – Education & FAQ Note:  Dental & Vision, also available depending on plan.