While you’ll have an option to add most RVs’ to your auto policy we recommend an RV policy from Progressive for the most detailed coverage options. However we can show you both options and explain the difference in coverage and price in order to help you make the right choice. Review Progressive RV Coverage Options, such as Total Loss Replacement Cost, Emergency Expense, Vacation Liability, and Deluxe Package which includes Disappearing Deductibles Your RV is more than a car, and your RV insurance should cover more than what car insurance covers. Rather than add your RV to your auto policy, consider insuring your RV on its own policy. Keep the following in mind:

  • You have many things in your RV that you would never keep in your car, such as clothing, jewelry, binoculars, VCR, laptops, camcorders or outdoor gear.
  • When you park your RV at a campsite, you may be liable for the area around it. If someone is injured, you may be responsible.
  • If your RV is damaged while you’re traveling, you’ll need a place to stay and a way to get there.

If you insure your RV through a standard auto policy, none of the scenarios above is covered in the event of a loss, which could cost you thousands if you need to make a claim. When you insure your RV on its own policy, you’ll know you have a wide range of coverage for a wide range of incidents that could happen.