Tiffin Ohio Motorcycle Insurance

As a motorcycle owner, you have experienced the freedom of being on two wheels, the freedom to get on your bike and ride, the (insert song lyric here), but have you been able to experience this freedom knowing that you are truly protected if something were to happen to you or your motorcycle? When you are shopping for motorcycle insurance be sure to work with a trusted insurance agent that can shop around with multiple insurance companies to find you the best possible bike insurance rate along with the best possible coverage for your unique situation. One of our professional insurance agents from our Tiffin Ohio office would be happy to start the process of shopping around for you, to take the load off your shoulders and find the most reputable and best suited insurance company for you and your motorcycle.

There are many insurance companies that will insure motorcycles in Ohio, but just like anything, they are not all created equal. Some companies have very high rates when it comes to motorcycle insurance, some companies consistently have lower rates when it comes to motorcycle insurance, and with some companies it really depends on the age of your motorcycle. Some carriers will offer tremendous discounts when you insure your motorcycle along with your home and auto, and some companies would actually prefer you to take your motorcycle elsewhere because they are comfortable insuring them. We know which companies could be a good fit for you and we will ask you the right questions, listen to your wants and needs, and give you options. If you have a classic motorcycle, you may want to consider classic motorcycle insurance, which we can help you out with. If you drive your bike daily in the summer, you would more than likely want a standard carrier to insure your motorcycle since they are used to insuring daily driven vehicles rather than classics that a rarely driven.

Why Work with Us?

That’s a great question, you have countless options and you’re bombarded from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed with insurance commercials that want you to save money, but do they ever ask what’s best for you? Do the companies that are shouting save money ask you about your personal situation and listen to your unique wants and needs? When John Glenn was floating in space on one of his missions as a United States astronaut, he said that he thought about how every part of his shuttle was built by the lowest bidder. Wow, that’s pretty powerful!

When you’re riding down the road on a beautiful summer day, we don’t think you should have to worry and wonder if your insurance coverage is adequate and the best deal for you. We take the worry out of insurance because we listen to your needs, and then we provide you with options. Hopefully we can save you some money and get you the best possible coverage, but sometimes our clients actually want to pay more when they find out how the insurance will actually protect them in the event of a claim. You wear leathers, jackets, gloves, helmets, and other protective equipment for a reason when you ride, insurance is no different.

Is Progressive a good fit for you?

More than a million riders choose Progressive to insure their motorcycles, making them the #1 motorcycle insurer in the United States. Progressive certainly does have a great motorcycle insurance program, and does a great job with motorcycles in Tiffin Ohio, Seneca County, and Ohio in general. If we only pushed you to one insurance company, we wouldn’t be a good insurance agent would we? You work with an independent and trusted insurance agency like the Roger Smith Insurance Agency so that we can shop around for you and give you more options than just one. So, we’ve outlined some of the highlights of working with Progressive when insuring your motorcycle.

What does a Progressive policy offer you?

  • The advice and guidance of an independent insurance agent to explain your coverage options
  • Coverage for nearly every rider and every motorcycle/ATV.
  • Lower rates for safe riders, and a variety of discounts.
  • Claims representatives who know bikes and settle claims quickly and fairly.

Great Rates & Discounts!

Progressive was one of the first companies in America to insure motorcycles, so they know bikes and riders. That’s why they have a rate for nearly every rider and every cycle. From Harleys, sport bikes, cruisers and touring bikes, Progressive insures them all. Give us a call today for your free motorcycle insurance quote by phone, you can reach us at (419) 447-9900. If you prefer to chat in person, feel free to hop on your bike and cruise down to visit us in our Tiffin Ohio office. We’d love to see your bike, not only do we help insure motorcycles, but we love to see them out and about as well!

Tiffin Ohio ATV Insurance

Not many insurance agents will take the time to chat about all of your vehicles, which obviously includes your ATVs, but we will take the time to chat about your ATVs and make sure that they are properly insured as well. Typically we can work with you and look at adding your ATV onto your standard home and auto carrier’s policy, but sometimes it actually makes more sense to insure it with it’s own policy. We can have a conversation, listen to your wants and needs, and provide you with options before you make a final decision on your ATV insurance. Just like motorcycle insurance, some companies have really great rates when it comes to ATVs and some companies have typically had higher rates on them in general. We have been in the insurance industry long enough to know which companies could be a good fit for you and your unique situation. Our Tiffin Ohio office is here to serve you and all of your passions and toys!

We Insure Recreational Vehicles in Ohio!

Our agency is here to help you find the best possible insurance coverage for the best possible price, we know that you value your home and your daily driven vehicles, but we also know that you have a lot of time, money, and passion wrapped up in your recreational vehicles as well, whether that be a motorcycle, scooter, ATV, four wheeler, quad, or whatever that might be! We are here to listen to your needs and provide you with options, so don’t hesitate to call one of our professional insurance agents in Tiff Ohio today at (419) 447-9900.