Ohio Classic Car Insurance

In order to properly protect your pride and joy, your classic car, we have partnered with Hagerty Insurance who happens to be the largest insurer of classic cars in the world, and they are headquartered just to the north in Traverse City, Michigan! We will cover some Ohio Classic Car Insurance basics and then cover some basics about our classic car partner Hagerty. We offer classic car insurance in the state of Ohio, Seneca County, and of course our home city of Tiffin Ohio. So whether you live just around the corner or on the other side of the state, we are happy to take care of your classic car insurance needs!

Standard Auto VS. Classic Car Insurance

If you have owned your classic car for some time now, chances are that you could still be using your standard home and auto insurance company to handle your classic car. This could be a terrible mistake, but don’t worry, it’s not too late! A standard home and auto insurance company is typically a great place to insure your daily driving cars, but not so much when it comes to your classic or collector car. The problem with using your standard company comes up when you look at the actual coverage type. Many companies use ACV or actual cash value to insure cars, which means they depreciate the car based on the year it was built and the miles put on the car. When this algorithm is used on your daily driver that is a newer car, that works fine, but when you look at your classic car from the 1960’s that doesn’t seem as favorable. Your classic car has likely accrued some value between then and now. Many classic cars purchased in Tiffin Ohio, Seneca County, and Ohio in general are worth more now then they were when they first hit the showroom floor, even with inflation being accounted for.

The better coverage in this case would be an agreed value coverage, or what Hagerty has trademarked as their Guaranteed Value. That sounds great right? Well, what does it actually mean? A true agreed value policy means that it will guarantee that the policy pays out the agreed upon amount in the event of a total loss. So, if your agreed amount is $25,000 then in the event of a total loss you would receive a check for $25,000. But what if it is only a partial loss? In our opinion, this is where a company like Hagerty sets itself apart. If you have a partial loss (meaning the door got dinged in, your hood flew off, anything under the amount of a total loss) you can take your classic car to the repair shop of your choice or you can fix the car or truck yourself and they will pay you a mechanics wage to do it. They will also hunt down original parts for you and wont force you to use NOS parts when restoring your car! They truly do understand classic cars and just how much work goes into restoring them.

Why Work with Us?

Aside from being your local Tiffin Ohio insurance agency, we are an Ohio Classic Car Insurance agency that has been out on the local car show scene as well! We have been out to shows all over Seneca County throughout the years and we frequented shows in Tiffin and Findlay Ohio over the years as well. We not only love to help our clients insure their classic cars, we love seeing our clients classic cars out and about! The way that we help you find the right insurance coverage for your classic car ensures that you will be able to correctly insure your classic while still being able to use it. What’s the point of insurance if you cant even drive your car? That’s one of the biggest reasons that we partner with Hagerty to bring the best in class insurance coverage for your classic car. Their policy allows you to use your car for more than just parades and shows, you can take the kids or grand kids out of ice cream and even drive your classic to work on a nice summer day. Our carrier partner allows you to enjoy and drive your car like it was intended to be used!

To make sure your classic car is properly protected, contact The Roger Smith Insurance Agency in Tiffin Ohio today, to learn more about a Hagerty policy and how it could fit in your insurance plan.

About Hagerty®

Over 30 years, Hagerty has grown to be the leading global provider of classic car and boat insurance, but they’re still just a family business built on love for classics. Their passion drives them to keep improving their product and to give their clients the best service imaginable.

Why Hagerty®

At Hagerty, they’re as passionate about classics as their clients are. Their deep knowledge of classic vehicles and their owners allows them to offer better coverage for less. They offer:

  • Guaranteed Value™ coverage – They’ll agree up front on a fair value for your classic, and in the event of a covered total loss, you’ll receive that full amount, less any deductible or salvage value, if retained. Guaranteed.
  • Flexible usage – Classic and collector cars were made to be driven. Whether you’re going to a show or taking a cruise to an ice cream shop, you are protected.
  • Hagerty Plus® Roadside Service and Benefits – A comprehensive 24/7 full service roadside assistance program specifically for collector cars. It offers service for lockouts, battery jumps, tire changes, emergency fuel delivery and more. Includes guaranteed flatbed towing with soft straps.
  • Expert claims handling – Their claims adjusters are trained in classic vehicle repair. In event of a claim, they offer stock original replacement parts and even have specialists on staff to hunt down rare and hard to find parts.
  • Low premiums – Because they only protect classics, they’re able to offer insurance at rates considerably lower than daily driver insurance.
    What Hagerty Insures:

Hagerty is the world’s leading insurance provider for classic vehicles, offering coverage for classic cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, tractors and more. Hagerty also offers coverage for high-value collections, overseas shipping and touring, classic car-related businesses and club liability.

Guaranteed Value™

With Hagerty’s Guaranteed Value™ (agreed value) coverage, they’ll work with you to agree on a fair value for the classic, and in event of a covered total loss, they’ll pay that amount (minus any deductible or salvage value if you keep the vehicle).

Our professional insurance agents here at the Roger Smith Insurance Agency in Tiffin Ohio are happy to be your go to Classic Car Insurance agency. Feel free to call us today at (419) 447-9900, we’d love to hear more about your classic car!