Tiffin Ohio Boat Insurance

The freedom to put in on the water at any time, the exclusivity and prestige that comes along with owning a boat, the heritage passed down from you parents and grandparents that owned a classic boat… whatever the reason is for owning your boat, we can help you protect it. You know by now that owning a boat is a labor of love, you have to be meticulous when it comes to caring for and owning your boat. If you put in all of that time and effort to owning your boat, don’t take just a minute or two to get a boat quote and go with the lowest price. You have a valuable asset in your boat, let us help you protect it! The Roger Smith Insurance Agency is the premiere boat insurance agency in Seneca County, because we listen to your concerns and give you choices before you purchase your boat insurance.

In some situations we can add your boat to your homeowners policy. For the most detailed coverage options we recommend Progressive. Progressive offers coverage for many types of boats/personal watercraft.

Specialized Boat Insurance Coverage

  • Insurance for virtually all types of pleasure boats on the water
  • Low rates, a variety of discounts* and disappearing deductibles
  • A boatload of specialized coverage options, including:
  • Total Loss Replacement Coverage — we’ll buy you a new boat if yours is declared a total loss.
  • 24-hour Roadside Assistance — we’re there for you if your car or truck becomes disabled while towing your boat
  • Fishing Equipment Coverage
  • Personal Effects Coverage
  • On-water Towing
  • Fuel Spill Coverage
  • Wreckage Removal Coverage
  • Property Damage Liability — coverage for fuel spills

Our agents in our Tiffin Ohio location can present both options and explain the differences in coverage options between adding your boat to your homeowners policy or a Progressive boat policy, so that you can make the right choice. We aren’t going to push you into one decision or the other, rather we will lay out the options and help you decide based on your unique situation.

Ohio Boat Insurance Options

When looking into insurance options for your boat, you will probably come across a few different options. The most popular options when it comes to insuring your boat are actual cash value or ACV coverage, stated value or stated amount insurance coverage, or agreed value also known as guaranteed value. If you have a newer boat, typically an ACV policy will do just fine and you would get roughly what the boat is worth in the event of a claim. Actual cash value means that they will give you the actual value of the boat at the time of loss. Stated amount on the other hand puts a cap on the amount that they will give you and they will adjust the loss amount up to the stated amount.

Lastly the agreed value guarantees that in the event of a total loss you would get that agreed-upon value. Typically an agreed value is more important when you are dealing with an older boat, anything that is from the 1990s and older would typically benefit from an agreed value policy. There is no silver bullet or one size fits all when it comes to insuring your boat, so be sure to chat with one of our professional insurance agent about the best possible coverage for your unique situation.

Tiffin Ohio Boat Insurance Coverage

Some boat insurance coverages are typically included with most every policy which include;

      • No Depreciation on Repairs
      • Fuel spill coverage
      • Wreckage Removal
      • Unlimited small accident forgiveness
      • Roadside Assistance
      • Large Accident forgiveness

We are the Tiffin Ohio Boat Insurance specialists! Our agents can present options and explain the differences in coverage options so you can make the right choice.

Why work with the Roger Smith Insurance Agency?

If you live in the Tiffin Ohio area, you’ve likely seen our giant digital billboard on Front Street that highlights some of the things that we can do for you as a client of our agency. If you live in Seneca County Ohio and haven’t been by, we’d love to see you, stop in any time! If you live a little further away in Ohio, we can certainly still help. In today’s day and age, we are only a phone call or email away. Now that you’ve purchased a boat, or are shopping for new boat insurance, it’s a great time to chat with one of our professional insurance agents. We would love to see some pictures of your beauty in the water, we’ll be thinking of you when we’re sitting in the office on a gorgeous summer day!

We have a lot of clients that we work with who are lacustrine and/or maritime enthusiasts. We get to help our clients insure their passion, which is their boat and their love of being on the water. You are likely among these boat enthusiasts if you’re reading this page. We hope that we’ve presented some relevant information here, but of course if you have any questions or concerns about your boat insurance needs, you can easily call us at 419.447.9900.

If you’ve never worked with an independent insurance agent before, we’re sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of service and options you are given. We treat every customer as if we were helping our family member shop for insurance, and that’s why we’ve been around and been successful for so long. If you push someone into an insurance product for your own reasons, no one wins in that scenario, least of all you, the client. As an independent insurance agency, we are able to offer you multiple options from multiple insurance companies that specialize in boat insurance. Not all companies are great at insuring boats, so make sure to do your research before just simply adding your boat onto your standard home and auto insurance carrier’s policy. Boat insurance is a little trickier than insuring a home in Tiffin Ohio and not all of the carriers out there have figured out the best way to do it, but some have. We know who would be a good fit for you and your boat, so we are confident when we sit down and show you options that you will be happy with the final outcome.