Wayne Mutual Insurance Group provides property and casualty insurance for  homes, farms and businesses in Ohio.


The Wayne Insurance Group consists of three insurance companies:

  • Wayne Mutual Insurance Company
  • Washington Mutual Insurance Association
  • Marion Mutual Insurance Association

For more than a century, these companies have provided solid insurance protection to Ohio residents. We have earned a reputation for supplying first-rate, competitively-priced coverage to home, farm, automobile and business owners in Ohio’s communities. We also take pride in our prompt, fair claims service.  Our claims specialists will meet your needs quickly, fairly and courteously.

A Reliable Network of Independent Agents

Headquartered in Wooster, Ohio, Wayne Insurance Group offers policies exclusively through a network of more than 130 independent insurance agents located throughout the state. We have always believed that qualified, dedicated professional agents can provide the best possible advice to protect your home, autos, farm or business. Independent agents can review multiple options and present you with more choices, preparing an insurance package that provides the ideal coverage for you at a competitive price.

Wayne Insurance Group’s independent agents live in your towns and understand your unique concerns. The local agent offers quick service, product expertise and point of contact should a loss occur.

A Commitment to Policyholders

As mutual insurance companies, we are owned by our policyholders who are entitled to vote for members of the company’s board of directors. We answer only to our policyholders, not to an outside group of shareholders. We exist solely to serve policyholders’ insurance needs and, through the years, we have expanded our range of insurance products and services to better meet those needs.

A Family-Oriented Approach

Our company takes great satisfaction in helping families and businesses recover when disaster strikes. We remain a family-oriented company – we help families in time of need. We also offer employment opportunities and serve as an extended family to our agents, helping them grow their own local businesses.

A Mission of Quality

Our mission statement is brief and direct:

“Our mission is to provide quality insurance protection and service to our policyholders.”

To achieve this mission, we will:

  • Be the best at servicing our policyholders
  • Provide to our policyholders broad insurance coverage consistent with reasonable pricing
  • Provide our policyholders a range of products based on their personal needs
  • Be the best at servicing our agents
  • Provide an excellent work environment for staff and provide those tools necessary for the delivery of quality service
  • Be an active member of the community, state, and country, working with other organizations to improve our nation’s quality of life

Trust Wayne Insurance Group to provide strength, security and superior service to protect you, your family and your most valued possessions.